Guide to Professional Food Photography

Photographs are one way in which we express ourselves without words and most restaurants use food photography in order to show through actions what they create instead of through words, which usually makes a greater impact if the picture was professionally shot.

Here are a few suggestions and recommendations that will help you to obtain professional food photography every time.

Professional Equipment

A big role in obtaining professional food photography is played by your camera, which if it is professional it will make your job a lot easier as most of the time they have almost everything automatic such as focus, distance and flash, which means that the picture will not be over exposed.

Even if your camera is professional, you must be well accustomed to it in order to be able to use all its features and thus, obtain the desired results. Food photography must look real in the first place in order for it to look appetizing and inviting therefore the right features in your camera must be activated in order to obtain these results.

Display And Freshness Of The Food Photographed

The food will not look any better than you have displayed it whether you have the best camera in the world, therefore take the time to display the food in the way you find it most inviting by others. Place the food where it is most inviting such as, a well-set table with a clean tablecloth and full set dining plates and silver.

If you are photographing fruits, then ensure they are in a bowl where they are well displayed and yet at a contrast with the bowl used in order to bring out their colors and thus, make them vivid and appealing to consume.

It is important you center the food that you are photographing in order for it to look appetizing and the center of the picture not the corner of the table or the floor along with it.

Food photography should look fresh, and that will be captured only if the food is fresh as well as if the place where the picture is being taken is well lit; most professional cameras have flash that will make up for the lack of light however, they may not bring out what you want in the food photography and that is freshness.

Take Many Pictures In Order To Get One Right

Food photography is more sensitive then any other picture taking because it dries up and/or will look stale after just a few hours and therefore you will need to act quickly if you want to capture one particular angle or look and take as many pictures as you can afford out of which later you can choose at leisure, the right one for your taste.

Practice makes perfect and it may happen that at first you will not be able to capture what you were looking for in a food photography but with time and practice you will be able to achieve the look and impression you are after.