Creative Ideas for Baby Photography

While there is no such thing as a bad picture of a baby, you may be looking for some creative ways to capture your new little one. Even if youíre not an aspiring Anne Geddes, baby photography can be a lot of fun for both you and your baby as you both look back at the pictures for years to come. Here are some ideas to make your baby photography really stand out, and to help you create pictures that youíll cherish.

Natural Poses

Getting a baby to pose for a picture can be next to impossible, so have fun taking pictures of your baby in his or her natural movements. Let your camera follow your baby instead of trying to get your baby to follow your camera. Pick up your camera while youíre playing with your baby, while he or she is sleeping, and of course during bath time as well. Youíll enjoy looking back and seeing how cute your baby was when he or she was just enjoying the everyday activities of being a baby.


Another great idea for your baby photography is to try and capture your baby with as many family members as possible. Try to get a photograph with as many generations as possible together to create a keepsake for your child. But also aim for individualized pictures of your baby interacting with relatives one on one. It will be special for your child to look back and see everyone actively involved with him or her as an infant.


Of course youíll be snapping away at your babyís first steps, but create some other firsts as well to photograph. You canít have too many pictures of firsts in your baby photography! Document your babyís first car ride, your babyís first interaction with your pets. Take pictures of shopping for your babyís first pair of shoes, or even his or her first trip to the doctor. The more pictures you have the more creative latitude you will have later on to create albums, etc.

Be Artistic

Even if you donít own large flower pots to recreate your favorite Anne Geddes shot, you can still be artistic with your baby photography. Pick up a beginners book on photography and learn to be creative with the composition and lighting of your pictures. Create natural frames with other elements in your picture. You wonít regret taking the time to become an amateur photography in your efforts to document the miracle of your new baby.