Make Some Extra Money with Event Photography

If you enjoy taking pictures, and want to make some extra money, pick up your camera and start doing some work as an event photographer. Event photography is very enjoyable because youíre creating memories for people to remember forever, and youíre working with subjects who want to have their picture taken for this reason. Getting started in event photography is fairly simple.

Build a portfolio

The first step to take to get started in event photography is to compile a portfolio to share with your potential clients. You can easily do this by volunteering to document events for your family and friends. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations for people you know are all excellent opportunities for you to start building a portfolio. The more types of events you can include in your event photography portfolio the better. Your clients will want to see your versatility.


The next step after you have built a decent event photography portfolio is to do some research to set reasonable pricing. You should find out what other freelance event photographers in your area are charging, and you should also keep your experience in mind. You will not be able to charge as much as someone who has been snapping away for ten years, but you also do not want to sell yourself short. Ask people you can trust for an honest assessment of your event photography. If youíre a natural photographer youíll have some room to raise the bar on your pricing. Also listen to your potential clients; if people repeatedly balk at your pricing itís probably time to reevaluate.


The easiest, and most cost effective, way to advertise your event photography services is on the internet. There are a number of sites available for freelance workers to post profiles and upload their portfolios. You will also be able to uses these same services to respond to ads for people requesting services. If you have the means, you should also build an event photography website for yourself.

Design some good business cards to keep on hand, and make sure to include your website. People will definitely want to see your work before they decide to hire your for their event, so make your work readily available. With a little prep work you can start building a clientele base and jump into the world of event photography.