Wifi Towers: The Wonder Of The Wireless Age

Look high in the sky and you'll probably see one of many wifi towers in your area. These towers enable you to log on to the internet wirelessly, and at a longer range than you would get with a normal wireless router. It's common for businesses to install wifi towers for use by their employees. That way, their entire company can stay connected to the internet and they don't have to worry about being in a certain location. Individuals, too, can install wifi towers on their property, especially if the property is large, so that they can remain connected no matter where they are.

No Wires Required

Before wifi towers, a cable was required to connect to the internet. The user was then limited by the length of the wire, or coaxial cable, as to how far they could travel, which wasn't by much. This was fine for desktops, which are meant to remain stationary, but it wasn't practical for laptops, which can be carried anywhere. For laptops, wifi was born. With wifi, you can remain connected whether you're in your home, at work or even if you're on vacation. It's for this reason that people install wifi towers. Wifi towers can work with desktops, too, you just need to get a special wifi card or other apparatus so that it can support a wifi connection.

Wifi towers are available for commercial or personal use and they typically come in lightweight pieces so that you can easily install it. You can make your tower as tall as you want it, it all depends on how far you plan on traveling. If you just need it for your property, you only need the minimum amount of coverage. These amounts, and the prices for each, should be able to be negotiated with your wifi dealer or whoever you purchase your wifi tower from. Once installed, you will enjoy the uninterrupted wifi connection no matter where you are. Imagine being able to work or play anywhere on your property, or even away from your property, without having to worry about losing a connection.

Talk to your wifi dealer or search the internet for a deal on a wifi tower. If you have a wifi tower in your area, you may be able to get a connection from it but most wifi towers are protected. That means that you need a password to connect to them. This protects the owner of the network from uninvited guests piggy-backing on their network. This might be a good idea for you to do, too, if you have a wifi connection and you don't want anyone else using it.