Mixing The Fun Of WiFi And Radio

WiFi has changed the way that people use their computer networks, since the flexibility of a wireless connection makes it easier to set computers up anywhere and to use them in different ways. WiFi is a radio based technology, using transmissions on a radio band to get data from a hot spot to you. Taking advantage of this new convenience, some companies are making use of WiFi technology to give you a new way to enjoy traditional radio over WiFi. Let's take a look at how:

Internet Radio

An interesting gadget, the Acoustic Energy WiFi Internet Radio makes use of wireless technology to allow you to play radio music anywhere in the house. And while you can get that from a ten dollar radio from your local store, the advantage that the WiFi radio brings is one of volume; in this case, many more radio stations than you can get locally. The WiFi radio uses your broadband connection to access over 5,000 Internet radio stations, which means you can be rocking to radio from around the world at the touch of a button. Although the retail price, $299, makes it more ideal for those inclined to buying gadgets and gizmos, this WiFi radio can bring musical diversity into your home.

AirPort Express

Apple has wowed the world before with its aesthetically pleasing and functional technology, and one of their most popular inventions is the iPod and iTunes. Allowing people to purchase music over the Internet, it's changed the way many buy music. But for those who want to listen to the music they purchase through their stereo, Apple has developed applications of WiFi radio technology to make it easy with their AirPort express.

The AirPort Express uses small devices that plug into your stereo system in order to allow you to use WiFi radio technology to transmit the music from your computer to your system, allowing you to play it over your home entertainment system, on speakers in your kitchen, or anywhere. Even better, the system supports using multiple outputs, so you can have a device hooked up in your living room, bedroom, and home office, allowing you to play the music in any room or all rooms at once, allowing you to go about your business at home while enjoying music. Just these two applications are great examples of how companies are taking WiFi technology, used for accessing the Internet, and use it to make new appliances that work for you to entertain.