WIFI Phones: Merging Two Technologies For The Best Of Both Worlds

It must seem almost like the Stone Age when Thomas Edison invented the first ever telephone. This new-found technology was to be only a tiny portion of the big picture to come. With the introduction of the World Wide Web, the eventual merging to create a WIFI phone network was only a matter of time.

Cell phones have rapidly been gaining in use and popularity over the past decade. What started out as an awkward plastic monstrosity with a thick antenna is now smaller than the palm of your hand. The recent years have seen more and more combined uses of the cell phone. Text messaging, email, and picture taking abilities are just a few examples of the extra features many cell phone models now offer.

Breaking It Down

Why the need for a WIFI phone anyway? Is there really any need to combine these two ultra cool technologies? You may be wondering a little of the benefits of a WIFI phone; you can make calls and connect using a local wireless network without using your cell phone's service network. Think about it – talk without using extra cell minutes and text without incurring additional fees or eating into your monthly allotment.

With your WIFI phone, you can switch back and forth between the wireless network and your cell phone provider's network. You have even more flexibility, and the possibilities of saving money. What actual features your WIFI phone will have may vary, but all phone have three basics in common:
1. The ability to connect to wireless networks
2. Voice over internet protocol
3. A wireless broadband connect speeds

You are getting the best of both worlds. Depending on what you want to spend, you can get a WIFI phone that switches automatically between wireless and cellular networks. Phone companies are working to make the transition all the easier and attractive; some phones are not only wireless ready, but also Skype ready.

One possible silver lining, depending how you look at it will be the noticeable difference in the quality of your calls when going from one network (WIFI) to the other (cellular). The other current downside is the price, which is anything but down. Just how much is it worth for you to be up to the minute on all the new technologies? Some cellular companies are working on plans that can integrate these new super phones, but there is a cost for being tech-savvy.