Public Display of Wifi PDA

The technology of Wifi PDA or Wifi Personal Digital Assistant is a breakthrough in computer technology since it could make our fast-paced lives easier. And since everything that is "in" right now becomes smaller and compact, the Wifi PDA gives us the benefit of storing, accessing, and organizing information the most practical and in the less stressful way. Most of the Wifi PDAs are usually operated on either a Windows-based or a Palm operating system.

The simplest form of a PDA only allows you to store and retrieve information like addresses and phone numbers or what is called your contact list. Also, it allows you to create a "to-do-list". The higher model of PDA somehow allows you to connect to the internet and run word processing, doing a spreadsheet, and electronic book reading programs.

Benefits of Having a PDA

One of the best things that a Wifi PDA could do for us is give us access to the internet by using our hand-held digital cell phones or palm tops. Some hand-held digital cell phones may not detect a Wifi connection but the best solution for them is to subscribe to an Internet Service Provider or ISP.

Though we could instantly gain access to the internet using Wifi PDA, it does not promise to equal the quality of internet surfing we have using a simple desktop or laptop computer. It is because the PDA does not come with the software that allows us to view everything that we could see when we surf a certain URL, the format that you may see may seem different. Additional softwares may be added for additional web content.

The Wifi PDA may be costly, its price ranging from $100 to over $600, but it was said that the higher the model and the price is, it gives you more function and features when you compare it to the cheaper ones.

Certainly For Us

Most of the people right now have a cell phone and thanks to Wifi PDA technology, our lives are simpler and we could instantly gain access to the internet wherever we may be. This kind of technology gives us no excuse to not communicate with other people by bridging the gap of distance and time. With it, we could check on our emails and businesses regardless of the location we are in because Wifi PDA could give us the ability to download, share, and update our documents to others. Most palmtops today has wireless Wifi PDA and Bluetooth technology to cater to any office needs one may have.