Do I Need A WiFi Patch Antenna?

"Wi-Fi", or 802.11x,, has become the most popular worldwide standard for wireless local area networks in offices, homes and public spaces. Laptop computers from major PC manufacturers have Wi-Fi built-in. New appliances such as portable phones, MP3 players, digital picture frames and toys are quickly becoming Wi-Fi enabled.

Wi-Fi networks are now popping up in public & retail spaces. Consequently, users who already have a Wi-Fi network at home or the office don't need to buy any new equipment to connect. But there are many options available to maximize your wireless capabilities.

A typical Wireless access device or router can broadcast or receive information with a 300 ft. radius, indoors, and may extend this to 800-1000 ft., outdoors. Beyond that, additional hardware is required. In addition, obstructions and metal enclosures may reduce the effective range of the signal. This is when a WiFi patch antenna becomes an effective investment.

Why Buy A WiFi Patch Antenna

A WiFi patch antenna is a more compact antenna, asthetically making it more appealing to the eye rather than a regular antenna. A WiFi patch antenna is lighter in weight and blends easily into it's surroundings making it a more discret addition. A WiFi patch antenna will usually add about 8 dBi gain to your access, while a regular antenna will give you a little more. The WiFi patch antenna is less cluttering also because it's doesn't take up as much space and is easily portable.

A WiFi patch antenna is a handy device to have on your laptop especially if you are a businessman that is constantly traveling. You may not be in a spot that offers a wireless connection, and that could hinder your productivity. With a WiFi patch antenna, you can lengthen your access area and still link up to the internet. A WiFi patch antenna will also come in handy if you live in an apartment where all of the activity around you can hinder the connection and speed of your internet.

We live in a technologically advanced society where we're always on the go. Having internet access available on every corner is something we have grown accustomed to, and in a world of deadlines and email contacts, our internet connection is something we should be able to rely on in a pinch. With a WiFi patch antenna, you will be able to broaden your connection and get your work done wherever you are.