Extending Your Coverage With a Wifi Omnidirectional Antenna

So you want to extend the coverage of your internet Wifi connection? Wifi Omnidirectional antenna may be the answer to your slow internet connection. A Wifi Omnidirectional antenna ranges from a 2.4 to 5.8 GHz or gigahertz and it is a system that could radiate maximum power all the same from different directions to get internet connection.

Since the wifi omnidirectional antenna garners signals from all directions, the longer the omnidirectional antenna is, the more signals it could pick-up resulting to a better internet access. These wifi omnidirectional antennas are working omnidirectionally in giving out the uniform radiation and responses in only one horizontal reference plane, parallel to the earth's surface.

Kinds of Wifi Omnidirectional Antenna

If you just want a faster and more reliable internet connection at home, the indoor Wifi omnidirectional antenna could be the best for you. It could easily be mounted on a desk or a wall, providing you with a faster internet connection.

Another popular wifi omnidirectional antenna is called the "spider omni" was modeled and inspired after a diagram in an old book. It has four small legs for stiff fencing wire that is soldered in each corner hole. It was bent to match the impedance and the antenna is half shorter than a cigarette. It is considered to be the cheapest and simplest form of wifi omnidirectional antenna though it is only a quarter wave antenna that was made with an N-type chassis mount connector.

If you want to access Wifi hot spots such as coffee shops, campgrounds, hotels, and other commercial places that offers Wifi connection, look for the best omnidirectional antenna that has a 2.4 GHz or gigahertz whip antenna that has a mag mount base. These vertical whip antennas have loading coils in purpose of allowing a shorter overall length. And if you compare it to a laptop PC card that is usually made without an external antenna, this would give you a better performance and an extended Wifi coverage.

Lastly, there is the dipole antenna with the radiation pattern that extends in two outward directions. It usually consists of a base that has two antennas going in opposite directions. The horizontal dipole, however, does not require a ground plane and it is just a half-wave kind of antenna.

It Is For Our Own Good

Whether it be a simple wifi antenna or a Wifi omnidirectional antenna, these geniuses that invented them really make our lives easier. Everything that they do to have a faster and better access to the internet has helped a lot of people especially now that we live in a fast-paced world. Everything that they have invented is surely all for our own good.