Your Guide to the WiFi MAX Dongle

Online gaming is incredibly popular in the world today, however there is a problem with the portable systems, which is that getting the PSP and DS on the Internet quite as easy as simply putting an Ethernet cable into a hole. There is a solution that has come about for this however, and that is the WiFi MAX dongle.

About The WiFi MAX Dongle

The WiFi MAX is an 802.11 g WiFi card/access point, and so basically, in the simplest of terms, if your computer has an Internet connection then the WiFi MAX will result in acting as a wireless router once you connect it properly, and this will result in allowing your PSP or DS to go online, and the best part is that this can be done without the hassle of setting up a dedicated router.

Installation of the WiFi MAX Dongle

The installation process is actually quite simple, which is a welcome relief to everyone because obviously no one wants to spend more time on something such as this than they have to. The different software that is offered presents you with clear choices between PSP and DS setups, and also – and perhaps more importantly – required no manual settings tweaks at all before the standard pre-tests.

One of the most unique parts of all about the Dongle is how there is the option to allow the installation to setup a simple server on the host PC, and so while using a pared down version of Apache HTTP server, the software is then able to create a local webpage that the PSP will then be able to access to download your files. However you need to know that media is not able to be streamed this way, but at the same time if it turns out that you have more videos and game saves than your memory can hold, then the file server option can vary greatly for you in terms of simplifying the process of moving files from PC to PSP.

You also want to know that the MAX is only a small dongle, and draws power through the USB, and so obviously then the range is less than what a dedicated router with antennas would be, for instance. You can typically get solid connections of around 60 feet away however, if you position the device as high as you can get it with a USB extension cable and a stand of some sort.

There are many other devices similar to this that are available on the market, however there are many benefits that this particular one offers over the others, and so if you are interested in getting the best worth for your money, this product is definitely the one that you should be seriously considering.