Where You Can Find WiFi Hotspots

WiFi seems to be one of the biggest things to hit computer technology since the Internet became popular. With the way it makes it easy for people to join computer networks, WiFi has made home networking cheap and popular. Because it's also an inexpensive technology, it's hard to find a laptop these days that isn't sold without some sort of built-in WiFi technology. Knowing this, many businesses have WiFi hotspots, which are locations that you can connect to their networks. But knowing where to find these WiFi hotspots will help you know where you can connect when you're out of the house.

The Library

The library is one place where WiFi hotspots are becoming popular, since having Internet access there can make the learning process as a whole more productive. Furthermore, it's a place where access to the WiFi hotspots is usually free to library members. Extending this even further, many college campuses are turning into WiFi hotspots, with wireless access reaching all classrooms and locations where students might study, allowing for instant Internet access no matter where they are.

Coffee Shops

Once the domain of Internet cafes, where wired networks at computers allowed access to broadband, getting a connection to the Internet while getting some coffee can be as easy as finding the nearest Starbucks. Many coffee shops and even some restaurants are adding WiFi hotspots in order to attract patronage from business customers, who use their Internet access to do work while grabbing a hot cup of coffee. These WiFi hotspots also attract people coming to socialize that want to stay hooked up to the Internet, even out of the house.


More and more common are WiFi hot spots located in hotels, which allow travelers to enjoy broadband access speeds while they're on the road. This is both to make people have a few more of the comforts of home and so business travelers can still conduct business while at the hotel. Whether in the lobby or in your hotel room, WiFi hotspots will be there when you're on the road.

Public Spots

An increasing number of cities is making WiFi hot spots available throughout their cities or in certain locations, designed to both attract business customers, who find it easier to get Internet access when out, about, and doing business, and to bring in money by charging a little money for the convenient access. The network of WiFi hotspots varies city by city, but it's a sure sign that WiFi has brought a big change in the way we connect.