The WiFi Hacking Craze

WiFi hacking is nothing new. It's likely something you've done yourself without even thinking twice about it or even thinking of it as stealing. With a regular connection distance of about 100 feet, it's no surprise that so many people just utilize the connection that their neighbors pay for, especially in apartments where the units are less than one hundred feet apart.

There are even ways to maximize your free connection and WiFi hacking, like purchasing an antenna or even building your own. These additions will increase the area that your free connection will expand. These were initially created to help maximize a connection for businessman that are constantly traveling. Where he may not be in a spot that offers a wireless connection it could hinder his productivity. An antenna allows you to lengthen your access area and still link up to the internet. An antenna will also come in handy if you live in an apartment where all of the activity around you can hinder the connection and speed of your internet. But WiFi hackers are using these to make stealing internet that much easier.

WiFi hacking is also popular for gamers that play Xbox games via the internet. Some people don't want to pay for a WiFi connection just to play video games if they don't have a laptop or wireless connection device otherwise in the home. There are now devices available to allot for WiFi hacking here as well. These are a bit more complicated and often require removing the motherboard of your Xbox and doing a serious overhaul. WiFi hackers are serious about their free internet! Seemingly, the money they're saving in the long run more than makes up for their time and effort.

Unfortunately for the people whose internet is being hacked, it can pose a possible threat. If the WiFi hackers are using your connection to hack into an offshore bank and rob it, you could easily be mistaken for a criminal and held liable. But there is hope! Make sure you have a secure connection and that your files are secure.

Bad News For WiFi Hackers

Unfortunately WiFi hacking isn't all it's cracked up to be. Stealing an internet connection form your neighbors will only work in certain spots in your home, and it will cut in an out. It's a very weak connection and by no means reliable. You may only be able to use your laptop while sitting on the left side of the couch. It doesn't make your life very much easier.