The Case for WiFi Billing Software

What is WiFi billing software? It is software designed to help organizations create secure WiFi network locations.

Users of WiFi Billing Software

Nowadays, people want to have continuous, uninterrupted access to the Internet, regardless of whether or not they are business people abroad on business trips, who need to have instant access to their office back home, or people who are away on vacation, but can't help wanting to stay on top of things at the office.

To satisfy the needs of travelers, airports and hotels must set up WiFi network locations, and the most effective and efficient way of doing this is by purchasing WiFi billing software that caters to their specific needs.

But what about the people who are not away on trips? There is an increasingly large number of telecommuters and home-business owners who want to enjoy the perks of a "mobile" office. There are also a number of post-secondary students who want to enjoy the freedom of studying outside of stuffy libraries or dorm rooms.

For people who prefer to have a wide selection of "mobile" offices or study rooms from which to choose, coffee houses, shopping malls, kiosks, business and conference centers, educational institutions, and even municipal governments have rallied behind the WiFi movement, and so they, too, must invest in good quality WiFi billing software that will satisfy the needs of their patrons, and also provide a secure network environment.

How WiFi Billing Software Works

The basic premise for how WiFi billing software works is that you must have one central location (a computer) that runs the WiFi billing software and houses the network, and one access point (the WiFi tower) that communicates between the central computer and all of the other computers that want to access the WiFi network.

The above scenario can be multiplied several times, depending on how many customers or clients are expected to connect to the WiFi network. For example, the municipal government of a city that wants to attract as many people to the city's downtown core by turning all of downtown into a "hotspot" will want to have multiple central computers and access points spread out throughout the city's downtown core to support such as wide WiFi network.

The mayor of this city would want to make sure that the WiFi billing software his or her municipal government purchases is able to support a WiFi network of this magnitude. A good example of such WiFi billing software is Antamedia HotSpot Billing Software.

Groups or companies that want to set up a much smaller WiFi network, however, can run their network without deviating too much from the basic premise.