Protecting Your Wifi Base Station

Too often, those who choose to set up a wifi base station in their homes, do not take the time to make certain that they have taken all necessary precautions to ensure the security of their wifi network. Whether using a public wifi hotspot, or your own private wifi base station, there are a few simple steps you can take to help ensure the safety of your information and equipment.

Protect Your Computer With Passwords

Anytime you are connected to any network, whether through a wifi base station or otherwise, you should always take the time to password protect the basic operating system of your computer. This is so for windows and Mac users alike. You should also always change the default passwords installed on your wifi base station by the manufacturer. These default passwords are available to anyone, and so leave your computer open to unwanted visitors.

Be Sure To Enable Security System On Your Wifi Base Station

Your wifi base station came standard with a security protocol installed. Read your users manual to learn how to enable these security functions. Again, be sure that you change the default user names and passwords on your wifi base station, as anyone with an internet connection can find out what the default manufacturers information is, and hack into your system.

Enable Encrypted Passwords

In order to keep even the most talented hackers out of your computer system, it is wise to require that any user on your computer use an encrypted password in order to gain access to your wifi network. This will help to ensure that only those who enter the correct password will be able to gain access to your wifi base station. This also makes it almost impossible for any hacker to ever ascertain the correct password through standard means.

You can also set your wifi base station up so that it will only recognize your computer's Machine Access Code address. This is, in essence, the same thing as your computer's IP address, but is strictly for your actual machine, as opposed to the network you are connected through. This will allow your wifi network to recognize only your computer, and not someone who is trying to access your wifi base station through less than honest means.

As you can see, just a few simple steps will protect your information and your computer from being harmed by anyone who you don't want accessing your wifi base station.