Building A WiFi Antenna Window Mount

Building a wifi antenna window mount is comparatively easy with just a few simple objects from around your home. While a simple camera tripod is typically used as a stationary mount, you must get a little more creative when building a wifi antenna window mount. Keep in mind that the following wifi antenna window mount is not pretty, but works wonderfully.

Supplies Needed

Supplies you will need to build your wifi antenna window mount include: one wire clothes hangar; two suction cups, like the ones used in shower shelves; an empty, dry, plastic water bottle; and your wifi antenna. Tools to have on hand are: a pair of needle nosed pliers, a pair of sharp scissors, and a small pair of strong wire cutters.

Building Your Wifi Antenna Window Mount

First, you must cut your wire clothes hangar in half, using a pair of sharp wire cutters. Using a pair of needle nosed pliers, curl the two ends into semi-circles that are only slightly larger than the connections on the suction cups. This will provide the base for your wifi antenna window mount.

Next, cut the large end of the dry, empty water bottle off with a pair of rather sharp scissors. Cut two small holes in the tapered end of the bottle, just a little bit bigger than the semi-circles on the ends of the wire clothes hangar. Feed one end of the wire clothes hangar through the holes, and center the bottle on the hangar.

Next, using the pair of needle nosed pliers, bend the wire clothes hanger upward from the bottle, so that it sits at a forty-five degree angle. Do this on both sides. You now have a rudimentary wifi antenna window mount. Feed your wifi antenna, cable first, into the bottle, guiding the connector cable through the small end of the wifi antenna window mount.

Affix the suction cups to the ends of the wire clothes hangar, and aim the antenna at your wifi hotspot. Once you have your antenna aimed properly, affix the suction cups to the window, allowing the bottle to rest against the glass. You may need to adjust the way the bottle sits against the glass, using your needle nosed pliers to bend the wire of the hangar, until your wifi antenna window mount holds the bottle in just the right position.

While this is by no means a fancy, or a pretty way to mount your wifi antenna, it is cheap, and easy to build. Just a few typical household products, and you can have a do-it-yourself wifi antenna window mount of your very own.