The Advantages Of A VoIP WiFi Phone

With the inception of Broadband Internet services came the evolution of phone service as well. No longer are we dictated by overages on our cell phones, now it is possible to make free telephone calls, all over the world with a VoIP wifi phone.

What Is A VoIP WiFi Phone?

VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol Voice, was first introduced in 1995 by VocalTec Communications as a software based telephony service. It uses computer software to convert analog voice data into digital data transferred via the internet. The first VoIP phones were hard wired directly through the computer, and were only able to connect to other computers equipped with the VoIP software. The introduction of WiFi, or Wireless Fidelity, technology made it possible for the same VoIP services to be transferred directly through the airwaves.

In 2004, a mass-market movement began to make it possible for everyone to have access to a VoIP wifi phone. The great thing about a VoIP wifi phone, is that they look and feel just like a regular land-line or cellular phone. The biggest difference is that a call made from a VoIP WiFi phone can generally be made for free. Connecting to your computer via a RJ-45 cable, the VoIP wifi phone transmits your voice over the internet using your existing wireless internet service. Anytime you can find a free wifi "hotspot" you can make a free phone call.

Where To Buy A VoIP WiFi Phone

There are a number of companies through which you can get a VoIP wifi phone. The most popular are: Skype®, Linksys®, and Vonage®. With Skype®, you can use your VoIP wifi phone to call anyone for free who also has a Skype® phone. Skype also has an option where you can call non-Skype® users for a much lower cost than traditional phone calls. Linksys® offers the iPhone™, a voip wifi phone whose wireless handsets allow you to make calls for free from anywhere there is a wireless access point. Calls made from an iPhone™ are free to users with Skype® or Yahoo! ® voice.

The Vonage® VoIP wifi phone is called the UTStarcom F1000™ . It is a small voip wifi phone that can fit in your pocket, and uses Vonage® service to connect to wireless inter access points around the world.

Regardless of which voip wifi phone you decide to use, if you are looking for a way to make cheaper calls from anywhere in the world, a voip wifi phone is the way to go. It is free or almost free, and can be accessed at many different points worldwide. Get your voip wifi phone today.