Verizon Wifi: A Breakthrough From Cable?

Verizon Communications is the largest and leading US local phone company says that they are the most reliable network in the country today. True enough, they have expanded their service to the people and launched their Verizon Wifi or Verizon Broadband Access last May of 2003 in response to the increasing demand of Wireless Wide Area Network. The launching of the Verizon Wifi service aims to give wireless internet access to the entire New York City, setting their 150 Wifi-access points or hotspots at pay phones throughout the entire city. They are planned to add 850 more hotspots by the end of the said year.

Verizon vs. T-Mobile

For quite some time, T-Mobile, another telecommunications company is the leader in providing Wifi services in the country. However, there is a fee for their service as compared to Verizon Wifi's that is offered free to its exclusive internet customers. The Verizon Online customers can fully access to any hot spots in New York simply by typing in their account logins and passwords.

To fight the competition, T-Mobile has already announced its partnership with other Wifi service providers such as Starbucks cafes and Borders bookstores to name a few.

Killing the Cable Industry?

Since the Verizon Wifi and Verizon Broadband Access are being more popular among the consumers, reports say that there were many cable DSL companies in New York were opposing to this advancement that was offered by Verizon Wifi. It was researched that the Verizon Wifi and Verizon Broadband is more attractive to the mass market because it is more reliable and makes their access to the internet faster and easier.

Though Verizon Wifi could be considered a threat to the rest of the cable companies, these companies are still positive that cable would be more attractive and would sell more to the people due to its bundling of services that they could offer. This could mean that your DSL internet, your cable television, and your telephone bill would be combined in one package and usually discounted. Also, the cable companies around the country are boasting that their internet cable service could deliver a faster and more dependable internet connection.

It's In Your Hands

How you connect to the cyberspace is your own choice. Probably, the good thing that these kinds of connections have given us is more options that would best suit our lifestyle. The point here is that, we are pushing through improvement and development in technology makes our lives more easy and our stress, lesser.