Getting The Most From Your Wireless System With USB WiFi Adapters And Antennas

With wireless internet services becoming more and more popular, it is easy to get caught up in the craze without knowing how to make the most of your wireless service. One great way to do this, is through the use of USB wifi adapters and antennas. These devices will also allow you to connect to wifi hotspots with much greater ease than if you do not use a usb wifi adapter. They will also enable your computer to access wifi internet hotspots with more speed.

USB WiFi Adapters

There are a number of companies that offer quality usb wifi adapters. These devices allow you to turn your computer into a wifi enabled, internet ready device with only one simple step. The top companies who provide these usb wifi adapters are Versa, Linksys, Belkin, and 3com.

Several video game stations also offer usb wifi adapters, such as Nintendo and Sony. These systems allow users to connect to each other via the internet, using a usb wifi adapter, and play against each other.

USB WiFi Antennas

A usb wifi antenna allows you to gain access to wifi hotspots, areas that have open wireless networks, with much greater ease than if relying on your computers internal antenna alone; and allows users to access the internet through their laptop while remaining mobile. Connecting to the computer via a usb cable connection on the back, these antennas offer a much broader range of available network connections.

USB wifi antennas can be either purchased from an electronics store, or can be made using a few simple, common household products. Many people have made their own usb wifi antennas using an empty potato crisps can, a long nail, and a RJ-45 cable with one end taken off and the exposed wire wrapped around the nail. The nail is then inserted into the end of the can, and the other end of the cable is connected to the computers usb wifi port. The can is then aimed in the direction of the hotspot, and an internet connection is made possible.

As you can see, usb wifi adapters and antennas have made accessing the world wide web much easier for those of us with laptop computers. No longer must we be tied to a local dial-up service, now we can connect to the world using usb wifi devices; allowing us to maintain our active lifestyles and still remain connected.