A Guide to the Different SMC WiFi Antennae

Finding the right SMC WiFI antennae for yourself may seem like it could be a difficult thing to do, however once you have properly learned about all of the different choices that are out there and the qualities and offerings of each, then you will find that it is really no trouble at all. Obviously the SMC WiFi antennae that you are going to end up going with will depend on the type of use that you need it for, as well as on the average length of time of use.

Choosing Your SMC WiFi Antennae

The DIY antenna is one of the most well-known and commonly used, with the largest, which is 300mm in diameter, that comes with a user friendly bamboo handle that suits WLAN fieldwork, and this is a very useful quality, one that is not offered with most other SMC WiFi antennae.

Another option that is available is the super USB WiFi antenna, which allows you to boost the range of your WiFi network more than one quarter of a mile line of sight, and it is considered as being probably the best home, mobile or RV WiFi antenna in the world. All you have to do to use it is install the easy software that is included with it and then plug in the cable into your USB port on your computer, and then you are ready to go.

Your computer does not even need to have an internal WiFi card or antenna, as it would with many other types of WiFi antennas, because this is an all in one solution. It is compatible with basically all systems, and is one of the most notoriously known and popularly used types of SMC WiFi antennae in the world.

Purchasing Your Antenna

Then there is the actual purchasing process, and although you can do it directly in the retail store, there is one option available that is incredibly efficient and cost-effective, but which most people do not consider, and this is the option of shopping directly from the manufacturer. If you contact the company directly of the antenna that you wish to purchase, whether that be over the telephone or online for instance, then you will be able to order right from them and save yourself other fees that you would have to pay if you bought the device in a regular retail store.

Whichever antennae you choose to go with, you are sure to be satisfied with the improvements that are made to your WiFi system overall.