What Is A Skype WiFi Phone?

With VoIP phones on the rise, it's not a surprise that there's now a cell phone version. VoIP phones use the internet to connect phone calls and to cut down on long distance rates all over the world. A Skype WiFi phone is a wireless cellular device that will allow you to make free Internet calls to anyone else in the world who has Skype. The Skype WiFi phone can be used anywhere that there is a wireless connection available. It can even be used in local hotpots that are WiFi compatible such as coffee shops, libraries, and schools, even your home or office. The Skype WiFi phone boasts the ability to offer 100 percent free unlimited phone calls to anyone on their network.

This is a great idea considering that there is a wireless connection on every corner, and the reach of the internet is only going to continue to expand. You can't use the WiFi phone in any hotspot that requires browser authentication, but you CAN use it in hotspots secured with WEP or WPA.

What Are The Immediate Benefits Of The Skype WiFi Phone?

The greatest benefit to the Skype WiFi phone is the fact that you only have one bill. You can use your Skype service to connect your home phone, much like the VoIP phones. Consider the Skype WiFi phone a cordless phone with an unending radius. You can take it anywhere, and all you're paying for is your home phone. It's a lot cheaper than having a cell phone and a land line. The Skype WiFi phone also boasts a superior quality of service that will maintain exceptional voice quality in a shared wireless voice and data network and a Power Saving Design with an extended life for each recharge cycle. Conveniently, it comes with a USB charger allowing you to charge it with your laptop.

Think of the Skype WiFi phone as a miniature PC. When you turn it on it will search for a wireless connection just like your laptop will, and give you a similar connection. As far as the actual Skype WiFi phone design, it looks much like a regular candy bar sized cell phone. There's not a whole lot of menu options besides contact list, call history, voicemail, changing your status, adding a contact, searching for a contact, and looking at how much Skype credit you have. You can't sign up for SkypeIn or SkypeOut credit from the phone, instead you'll have to do that from your PC.

This is a great cost effective alternative to the regular cell phones available.