Nintendo WIFI: Winds Of Change, A Revolution. And All That Jazz

The names Mario and Luigi took on a whole new meaning to the world, particularly the part of the population that might have still needed a night light by their bed, after the Nintendo Corporation released the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) game console in 1983. Video games would never be the same again.

With each new game system that was released to the public, Nintendo has continued to prove their staying power and clout in an industry that can be very fickle and sometimes difficult to make any lasting waves. With the recent debut of the Nintendo Wii system and the launch of Nintendo WIFI, this innovative company is once again taking the reins and revolutionizing how you play video games.

How In The Hee-Haw Nintendo WIFI Came To Be

The Nintendo Corporation was the first in the gaming industry to release a handheld game console, known as the Game Boy in 1989. To date, over two hundred million units have been sold, making this bad boy one of the best selling systems in the world. You were now able to feed those video game cravings anywhere and anytime you wanted.

The Game Boy has seen a few revisions since his initial late eighties inception. He also paved the way for the Nintendo DS and the most recent Nintendo DS Lite. These two systems have a horizontal dual screen set-up, touch pad, microphone, and the ability to connect wirelessly with other players. This is also the only game system that can be used with the Nintendo WIFI Connection service.

What is the Nintendo WIFI Connection service? It was launched in 2005 for gamers to connect online for free playing of many DS and Wii games. You can get hooked up through a wireless network in your home or through one of six thousand Nintendo WIFI hotspots across the country.

How do you use the connection service? For one, this service is free for anyone with a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite game system. The ability to connect at a wireless hotspot is already built in to your DS. If you are setting up at home, you will need to already have high speed internet, like cable or DSL and have a wireless router.

If you do not have a wireless router, a quick stop at any electronics store can get you on your way to a home wireless network and some multi-player video game fun. Visit the Nintendo WIFI Connection web site for complete instructions on how to connect to the service. It is fast and easy, and you are sure to be on your way to playing a myriad of Nintendo games in no time.