Do I Need A Laptop Internal WiFi Antenna?

A laptop internal WiFi antenna is a high performance wireless antenna and mount system designed specifically for laptop and notebook computers to allow the user to extend the range of wireless cards. When in use the antenna is fully extended above the screen, but easily pivots and collapses when not in use.  A laptop internal WiFi antenna will usually only work with WiFi cards that have an external antenna connector. There are several types of laptop internal WiFi antennas, some that will not work with laptops that have built-in integrated WiFi; an others that will, so be sure to know your laptops capabilities before you decide on a laptop internal WiFi antenna.

The design of a laptop internal WiFi antenna is flexible and generally allows mounting to the left or right side of the screen so that the antenna can be in close proximity to the wireless adapter. The mount can be affixed to the lid of the laptop case using self-adhesive strips or Velcro pads to cater to your specific needs.

A laptop internal WiFi antenna is a convenient if you're in a limited area and need to expand your connection. This is especially nice if you live in an apartment where all of the activity around you can hinder the connection and speed of your internet or if you are a businessman that is constantly traveling. You may not be in a spot that offers a wireless connection, and that could hinder your productivity. With a laptop internal WiFi antenna, you can lengthen your access area and still link up to the internet. A laptop internal WiFi antenna is also great if you want to speed up your internet connection but don't have a spare card slot to add another internally mounted card.

What To Buy

When shopping for this type of equipment, there are certain things to look for. With the range of internet connections available for laptops, make sure that the antenna that you purchase is compatible with the connection you carry. There are so many different laptop internal WiFi antennas available as well, so make sure that the one you're interested in is capable of doing exactly what you're wanting. Some don't offer as much, think of it like purchasing a television antenna. Sometimes foil will work just fine, but you're going to be fighting with the thing a lot. Most of the time you get what you pay for, so keep that in mind. You are buying the laptop internal WiFi antenna to make your life easier, not to drive you crazy.