A Preview to Cantennas With a Homemade Wifi Antenna

Wifi or sometimes spelled as Wi-fi is a short term for its real meaning of Wireless Fidelity. It is a trademark for the certification of products that meet certain qualities for transmitting or sending and receiving data using wireless networks. Wifi or Wi-fi is a logo by the Wireless Fidelity Alliance that makes sure that the network devices comply with the Ethernet standards of IEEE 802.11 and after the year 2000 when the use of Wi-fi became popular among the people, the IEEE of 802.11 became IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g.

After a short period of time when the use of Wifi or Wi-fi became largely popular and here in the United States, the frequency band of IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g are the ones that were certified by the FCC or Federal Communications Commission. Due to the popularity of Wifi, some people has invented a cheaper way to enjoy the benefits it could bring by making their own homemade Wifi antenna.

Can It?

If you have got no dough or money to buy a Wifi antenna and would like to boost the range or capacity of your wireless network, all you need is less than $5 to create your own cantenna or homemade Wifi antenna. It seems that the materials are so easy and cheap to have, you would just need one tin can, four small nuts and bolts, a N-Female chassis mount connector, and a small thick wire. And voila! You can now make your own homemade Wifi antenna and it is not that costly to make.

The other side of your N-Female chassis mount connector would be used for connecting the cable from your wireless equipment and the other side of it that has a small brass stub would be for soldering it on wire. However, if your N-connector is a screw-in type, you will no longer need the nuts and bolts. The wire would have to be of 1 inch and a quarter of a 12 gauge copper wire.

There are many sites on the internet right now that gives instructions regarding making your own homemade Wifi antenna. These people's ingenuity is remarkable that they found a creative way of using tin cans as their antenna. That is the most fun part of making your homemade Wifi antenna because there are people who have used Nally's Big Chunk or coffee cans of 39 0z. showed good results. Others may have used Pringles cans but they were too small to show good results in boosting the range or your wireless network.

Doing It Yourself

There are groups of people that meet regularly to celebrate their interests in modern technology. During their meetings, they share their knowledge and high-tech or improvised gadgets to encourage discussions. The site that would be most helpful in giving out instructions for making your own homemade Wifi antenna would be www.irvineunderground.com and www.turnpoint.net/wireless/cantennahowto.html. These sites would be of use in giving out not just only instructions but also statistics on what kind of cans work the most.