Can I Build My WiFi Antenna?

"Wi-Fi", or 802.11x,, has become the most popular worldwide standard for wireless local area networks in offices, homes and public spaces. Laptop computers from major PC manufacturers have Wi-Fi built-in. New appliances such as portable phones, MP3 players, digital picture frames and toys are quickly becoming Wi-Fi enabled.

Wi-Fi networks are now popping up in public & retail spaces. Consequently, users who already have a Wi-Fi network at home or the office don't need to buy any new equipment to connect. But there are many options available to maximize your wireless capabilities.

Many antennas are available on the market to help extend your network capabilities. Hey are generally easy to install, but can be very pricey. A great way to expand your internet connection is to build a WiFi antenna. Building a WiFi antenna is easier than you would think, and can be done with something as inexpensive as a tin can. You will still have to buy a cable called a "pigtail." This connects your wireless card or access point to you antenna. One end of the cable will have a "N" Male connector (just right for connecting your built WiFi antenna), while the other end will have a connector appropriate to your card or access point. Aside from that, all you need is some wire and the ability to drill a few holes. You'll also want access to a soldering iron to solder the wires to the can.

The Immediate Advantages Of A Built WiFi Antenna

Not only is this a less expensive alternative to other antennas, it's also very easy to install and use. This is also a great idea if you are strapped for cash having spent a couple grand on a brand new laptop. If you are interested in adding a very tailored and high end antenna to your new machine, building a WiFi antenna will allow you to expand your network for pennies on the dollar while researching and saving for a nicer antenna.

Another great advantage is the time. Making your own WiFi Antenna only takes a few minutes, so not only is it cost effective, but it's fast and easy as well!

Now, Building a WiFi antenna isn't going to look quite as nice as a brand new WiFi patch antenna or one of the other high end antennas on the market, but it will extend your wireless connection for a tiny fraction of the cost.