An Inside Look At The Way Cool Archos 604 WIFI Device

Technology has come such a long way since the telegram and the phonograph. What appears to be so simple now, like the first telephone and the light bulb is actually part of the stones that built the foundation which wireless technology now stands so proudly on.

It does not seem like too long ago that MP3 players first stormed the market, almost immediately making walkmans and portable compact disc players obsolete. Who wants to deal with lugging around fragile compact discs that can break and scratch when your handy little ipod holds hundreds of your favorite tunes?

Perhaps you are among those who are wondering where the next wave of the revolution is headed. Cell phones that can also use wireless networks to connect online are being well received by both reviewers and consumers a like. So now what? As it is looks, portable media players. More to the point, the Archos 604 WIFI device is what.

Spilling It All About The Archos 604 WIFI

Archos was founded in 1988, just shy of twenty years old. They have rather quickly become established for themselves as a global consumer in manufacturing electronics. Archos is also at the head of the class in building and marketing portable digital devices. They define innovation when it comes to digital entertainment equipment, like the new kid on the block Archos 604 WIFI.

So what exactly is the Archos 604 WIFI? If you could take cool awesomeness and make it something physical, this is what this device is. It is progress and ingenuity, and all in one of the best wireless handheld devices since the release of Nintendo's DS game system.

The Archos 604 WIFI is a medium capacity multimedia player with touch screen features. It can play music, videos, show pictures, and more – all saved on its up to 30 GB storage space. You can also connect to any local or home wireless network for some excellent streaming action. Its other amazing features include:
1. Ability to surf the web wirelessly at broadband speeds.
2. An optional DVR station can be added, allowing you to show off family photos through your player, or on your TV for an impromptu homemade slide show.
3. There are millions of colors that will make the 4.3 LCD screen worth watching over and over.
4. Use that DVR you had installed to record your favorite television shows and movies. You can then view them using the provided kickstand and battery pack.