15db Wifi Antenna: Increase the Gain of Your Antenna

Probably the most powerful wifi omnidirectional antenna in the market today is the 15db wifi antenna. It is considered to be a professional grade tool to widen and extend the capacity of your computer to gain access to the internet. It would be the best choice if you want to boost your access point or wireless router to distribute the Wifi signal in different directions.

The 15db wifi antenna could also be used if you want to create a high speed point and make it to a multipoint for networking. All you have to do is point your other antennas directly on the 15db wifi antenna and you will have a network that has a larger coverage of internet connection.

All About It

The 15db in the 15db Wifi antennas refer to the effective gain and also pertains to the losses of the cabling. It works like for example, you have a 15db wifi antenna and is losing a 7db from the cable; your effective gain would be 8db. So the higher the number of "db" your antenna has, the better the effective gain you will have.

The 15db Wifi antenna has a line of sight range for up to 3 kilometers. Meaning, its power could detect internet signals and pick up any hotspots or Wifi connections within the range of less than 3 kilometers.

The Best Product There Is

Have you ever been on a to a place and think that you are in the middle of nowhere and wants immediate access to check on your emails, your friends that is on your list of instant messaging, or probably just want to keep up with what's happening to the rest of the world. Or maybe you just want to have access to your office computer but do not know what would be the best solution for your lack of access to the internet.

These 15db Wifi antennas are selling largely to use on yachts, Marine applications, and most Wireless internet service providers. These antennas are believed to ultimately increase the coverage out of the 802.11 system that is being regulated by the FCC or the Federal Communications Commission in the country.

The most popular and said to be the best 15db Wifi antenna is the High Gain Professional Grade Omni and is made with the use of fiberglass for durability and a more sturdy, stable look. And if you would mount it on a mast or any pole, it could withstand intense wind speed for up to 130 miles of speed per hour. It is pricey though, and is being sold for more than $150 but it promises a wider range and durability that could defy the limits of distance, time, and place.