Used Electric Wheelchairs: Buyer Beware, It's a Seller's Market

With some people finding the cost of buying a new electric wheelchair beyond their means, they need to perforce turn to buying a used electric wheelchair to meet their infirmity. Before taking the option of buying such a wheelchair, you need to take care and ensure that it does indeed fit in with your needs, and is also in good condition so that you do not need to pay extra for further repairs and maintenance.

Many Sellers

You can easily find a used electric wheelchair from near and dear ones, friends as well as from local support groups. There is also the usual classifieds as well as bulletin boards that can be used to gain information about the availability of these items. Other sources for old and used wheelchairs include local hospitals, rehabilitation centers, websites as well as disability organizations in your neighborhood.

Before you actually put down your money on a used electric wheelchair, ask for and get the advice from your therapist or physician who will be the best person to recommend what features the used electric wheelchair should have. You can also save money if the private health insurance or state vocational rehabilitation center covers your cost of this item. There is also instance when sellers of wheelchairs give guarantees and warranties on their used wheelchairs. However, sometimes the warranty on used electric wheelchairs cannot be transferred to the purchaser.

Evaluate Specifics

You also need to consider the physical dimensions which should be appropriate enough to support your physical size and weight, and it should also meet your capabilities. The condition of the used electric wheelchair should also be good enough to warrant purchase. In any case, you need to be well informed about wheelchairs in general and electric wheelchairs in particular before you decide on this option. With the savings in price, you also need to consider its suitability as well as the number of accessories available. There is always the risk that the used electric wheelchair is nothing more than scrap, and the market for such items is heavily in favor of the seller.

There are many shameful ploys that sellers use to sell their used electric wheelchairs - so beware. In case the used electric wheelchair is more than five years old, you can easily pass such items over unless you are in need of spare parts, or specifically need one and even then it is not advisable to pay more than a couple of hundred dollars for them. Always try and inspect the used electric wheelchair before actually purchasing it.