The Convenience of Standing Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are designed to provide mobility to those who are forced to use them due to old age, accidents, being overweight or suffering from any other medical condition. The manufacturers of wheelchairs are in a constant search in order to provide even more to the users beside mobility and comfort in order to get back to a sense of normalcy as much as possible under the given circumstances. Here is how standing wheelchairs can help you go about doing chores and activities you once enjoyed.

The Revolutionary Design

Standing wheelchairs are unique for the reason that they assist you to stand up and take part in activities that you may have given up on when you were forced to use a wheelchair. Things like cooking on the stove, greeting people, take part in a game like a baseball, stand at the blackboard, giving presentations, taking part in church or reaching for things with ease.

Standing wheelchairs are designed specially to fold as you stand up against your body and assist you in your activities while expanding when you need to sit down again. The normal wheelchairs only allow you to tilt or recline while the standing wheelchair allows you to stand up on your feet again. It is important to understand that the standing wheelchair offers full support even when you are standing in case you stumble and/or feel weak and need to be prompted.

The Manufacturer of the Standing Wheelchair

The Standing Company is the manufacturer of the standing wheelchair with headquarters situated in Saginaw, Michigan. They can be reached at the following website thestandingcompany.com where you can also find the answers to many other questions that you may have before deciding to purchase this revolutionary product. You can also make an appointment with the company in order to visit them and try the standing wheelchairs and/or find out which type and style is suitable for you.

Other Helpful Features

The standing wheelchair is a half-powered wheelchair, which basically means that you will be able to operate the wheelchair from a remote/joy stick as usual which is situated within your hands reach. The standing wheelchair is designed for rough terrain and indoors use and the standing features can get you through the narrow spaces and corners in the house. Ask your doctor and your health insurance company which kind of wheelchair you need and what you qualify for before making any impulsive decisions.