Pride Wheelchairs - For You and the Celebrities

Many people are faced with the unfortunate situation where they cannot use their own legs anymore due to an accident, old age or an existing medical condition. These types of situations can ruin a person's life by reducing the chances of him or her getting a job, meeting a partner and/or performing daily simple activities. Here is how you can find your freedom of mobility and get your life back with Pride wheelchairs.

Makers of Pride Wheelchairs

Pride wheelchairs are manufactured by Pride Mobility Products Corporation, which was established in 1986. It all started as a small family business where their only interest was to provide a little bit more to those who are already suffering. 21 years later, the Pride Mobility Products Corporation has the same interest at heart but has expanded worldwide because of their dedication and constant desire to improve in order to provide the users of Pride wheelchairs exactly what they require.

The company's dedication to excellence was soon noticed and acknowledged by celebrities as well. Some famous names that are using Pride wheelchairs today include Dr. Stephen Hawking (Quantum Jazzy 1400), actor Verne Troyer (Go-Go Scooter), actor Daryl Mitchell (Quantum Blast 850) and motocross racer Lance Magin (Pride Scooter) to name only a few.

Different Types

Over the years there have been many types of Pride wheelchairs developed and introduced on the market and some of the most popular ones are the Jazzy power wheelchairs, Pride lift wheelchairs, Quantum Rehab wheelchairs, Pride Scooters, Go-Go Mobility Pride products and Pride personal mobility vehicles. In order to get your Pride wheelchair, log on to the company's official website at www.pridemobility.com and read the testimonials of those who use these wheelchairs and enjoy their new found freedom and life again.

Helpful Tip

Most insurance companies today will work with the wheelchair provider in order to get you the wheelchair at little or no cost. However, you need to check with your insurance company and find out details about the type of policy you have and its clauses. Many companies will also help you with financing options in order to get the wheelchair you require for you to get your life back. Visit or get a representative from Pride wheelchairs visit you for a consultation about wheelchair choices. Try one in the comfort of your home before you settle for just any one; you will be glad you did.