Power Wheelchairs - Mobility without Use of Muscle Power

Power wheelchairs are unlike manual wheelchairs in that they allow the user to operate without having to exert manual physical power as they operate with the help of batteries. You do not need to use your muscle power to move forward or back, and the mobility offered through motorization is a welcome change from what the manual wheelchair provides its user. This is why the power wheelchair is also referred to as a motorized wheelchair that is available in different electric versions.

Expensive but Useful

No doubt, the price of the power wheelchair is directly affected by the facility of being mobile without expending human energy. Still, in spite of the costliness of power wheelchairs, they are much more convenient, though transporting them can be a bit of a bother. Due to their operations that require manifold motorized applications, there is also a lurking danger of it breaking down if some part or gadget were to malfunction.

Before purchasing a power wheelchair you should seek the help of a physician because the disability that you suffer from may warrant having specialized knowledge that only a qualified healthcare specialist could provide. How severe your disability is may affect the power wheelchair requirements that will be best suited for your particular use. In any case, power wheelchairs would be ideal for those who have extended as well as chronic disabilities.

Sometimes, you may even require buying a customized power wheelchair that may also have adjustable power settings. You can choose from among two different types of power wheelchairs including one that is a modification of the manual wheelchair, and another that is a power based wheelchair. The former may be nothing more than a manual wheelchair having an accompanying motor and wheels, which is built on x-frames and is also foldable.

The manual wheelchair fitted with a motor and wheels may also have a seat fitted with back cushions that provide for comfort when sitting as well gives the user a better sitting posture. You can pick such power wheelchairs in a number of load capacities, and some can even be dismantled to facilitate ease of transportation.

The power based wheelchair comes in different versions including the rear, mid as well as front-wheel drives, and are specially designed to provide stability as well as have a number of different seating choices. When you choose a power wheelchair, make sure that you consider the radius in which it can turn.