The Requirements of People in Wheelchairs

People with wheelchairs have lost one very important thing in their life and that is their ability to use their own legs, which can take a toll on their behavior, mood and activity even when they have the most sophisticated wheelchair. Here are some occurrences and requirements of people with wheelchairs that you may want to consider if you know someone who is using one whether it is a family member, friend or a colleague at work.

Common Disorders of People with Wheelchairs

The fact that you are confined to a wheelchair for the rest of your life can affect some people with wheelchairs drastically. They can develop disorders such as insomnia due to worry, irritability, mood swings, appetite change and therefore sudden weight gain or loss, sleeping too much and the desire to be left alone along in a state of depression.

It is very easy to see why someone who is confined to a wheelchair will go through many personality changes especially if he or she lost the ability to walk in an accident or due to some illness and not born with this disability. However it is up to us to make their world better in any way we can and here are a few ways in which you too can make people in wheelchairs happy.

Consult a Therapist

It is important that people in wheelchairs get therapy even if it is one session a month as that will help them to open up and speak what really is on their mind and heart with a professional who will guide them through these bad times. If you have a family member who has recently started using a wheelchair, suggest that he or she visit a therapist. You too can be a therapist for people in a wheelchair by listening and being there when you are needed. You will be surprised what you can accomplish by lending an ear when needed.

Stay positive and always try to point out the good things in life. Get the person in the wheelchair to meet other people in similar circumstances by contacting their doctor and finding out if there is a local meeting place. Or you could look online; being able to talk to someone who is going through the same thing that he or she is going through is a huge help. Besides people always compare situations and if there is someone in a worse state he or she will get to help by being the one doing the positive talking; this helps the patient's morale by making him or her useful again.

Helpful Tip

Treat people in wheelchairs just like another person who is trying to live his or her life. Do not pity them as that can only make things worse; they know they have a disability there is no need to be reminded of it by others around them. Treat people in wheelchairs with respect and dignity because they deserve every bit of it for what they are going through.