Lightweight Wheelchairs Are Probably the Most Popular

Of all the different types of wheelchairs available on the market, the lightweight wheelchairs are perhaps the most popular. This type of wheelchair is, in most instances, nothing more than a manual wheelchair even though many a light electric wheelchair is also available, but they are still heavier than manual wheelchairs.

The Quickie Could Be Well Worth Buying

If you are looking around for a lightweight wheelchair you will most probably come across the "quickie", which only costs two hundred dollars upwards, and may even require paying eight hundred dollars for the more advanced versions. Quickie wheelchairs are generally aluminum contraptions which help to make the wheelchair light without in any way taking away from standard features required off a wheelchair.

Quickie wheelchairs are ideally suited for anyone that requires a lightweight wheelchair to help him or her move about as it is much easier to propel yourself, or to have it pushed for you than heavier wheelchairs. A person that is otherwise quite active will also find in the lightweight wheelchair a means to participate in games and activities such as tennis or basketball.

Lightweight wheelchairs may lack the mobility of other models, but it will still, nevertheless, provide added enjoyment as well as delight from ordinary physical motion. Using a wheelchair such as this allows a person to continue with his or her hobbies as well as participate in sports, although differently.

Besides the quickie wheelchair, you may even want to try the folding wheelchair which is another type of lightweight wheelchair that is ideally suited for travel, and such folding wheelchairs can easily be stored in the back of a car for taking to visit family and friends. Portability is the major advantage of the folding wheelchair.

The advantage of using lightweight wheelchairs is many of which their ability to being used when powered by batteries is among the most advantageous. A person that uses such a wheelchair can still get around even if he or she has weak arms. The battery operations allow users to become mobile once again, and a lightweight wheelchair allows a person greater freedom to move, while expending less effort.

Lightweight wheelchairs are also relatively cheap and to get a well suited one, you should consider how its functionality benefits you, and decide accordingly. It is also a good idea to search for accessories that would come in handy to make using lightweight wheelchairs even more beneficial.

Typical weights of a lightweight wheelchair is approximately between twenty-nine to thirty-three pounds, and they have back heights that can be changed as well as other features including flip-back armrests.