Style and Mobility with Jazzy Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs have been improved vastly over the years in the constant pursuit of providing lost mobility to those forced to use them. The Jazzy wheelchair line is designed with comfort and mobility in mind in order to bring convenience in the life of its user. Here are some reasons why you too should consider getting a Jazzy wheelchair if you or someone close to you is confined to a wheelchair.

Get Around Indoors and Outdoors Alike

The Jazzy wheelchair line manufacturers a variety of power wheelchairs that can be used with ease indoors and outdoors on all types of terrains so, you can get back to being active and enjoying nature. Many people who enjoy walking or taking part in outdoor activities find this is one of the Jazzy wheelchair's best features.

Jazzy wheelchairs are also made with corners and turns in mind that exist naturally in our homes and due to which many people cannot use their wheelchairs around the house with ease. The Jazzy wheelchair will get you back in the kitchen cooking, if that is what you enjoy doing or get around doing other daily activities such as going to the bathroom or taking a shower independently.

Different Types of Jazzy Wheelchairs

There are many types of Jazzy wheelchairs and it needs to be mentioned that most of them can be altered and/or adjusted to fit your specific needs. Here are some of the most popular Jazzy wheelchairs in use today: Jazzy Select, Jazzy Ultra (1103), Jazzy 600, Jazzy wheelchairs made especially for obese people that have a weight capacity of up to 650 lbs.

Other features include the easy to control remote placed within hand reach, low power consumption and mid wheel drive for easy maneuvering. It is also easy to disassemble if needed but strong built for durability and comfort. For transporting the wheelchair, you may require to build a ramp. If you have a house and for apartment you may need to ensure that the lift can safely carry its weight with you in it.

Helpful Tip

Due to the fact that most wheelchairs are expensive you may work with your insurance company for coverage and also with the manufacturers to find suitable financing. If your requirements for a wheelchair are due to medical reasons, your insurance may be able to cover at least part of it. Get your freedom back with Jazzy wheelchairs and start enjoying the outdoors, a barbeque, moving around your own home with ease as well as getting back to your favorite activities.