Dog Wheelchairs: Mobility and Independence for Your Pet

Dogs are a man's best friends and we shower our love on them without restraint, and are loved by them in return. Being playful creatures, they provide us with a lot of entertainment and enjoyment. This can sometimes be interrupted if the dogs injure themselves accidentally, or are suffering from hip and joint injuries. In their hour of need it is up to us to provide them with all the succor and help that they need and this includes buying them a dog wheelchair that will help them become mobile once more.

New Developments Have Provided New Hope to Infirm Dogs

There are also instances when genetics play a part in their disability which will leave the dogs with limited, or no use of their legs. This is a good reason for dog owners to go out and purchase dog wheelchairs for their infirm dogs and help them regain mobility. With recent developments in dog wheelchairs offering pooches hope in overcoming their disabilities, what was once a hopeless situation has considerably become simpler. This has allowed them to get customized wheelchairs to address their particular needs.

Dog wheelchairs are special devices that may be attached with a harness to the dog's body, and also comes with a sling to support its failing limbs. Dog wheelchairs are instrumental in giving the dog new found mobility as well as freedom to go ahead and move wherever he is allowed by his master. It enables the dog to enjoy life once again.

In most instances, the dog wheelchair can be made to the dog's measurements in as exact a manner as possible, and you can find the shape and size that best fits your dog in his favorite color as well. The dog wheelchair is different for male and female dogs to accommodate their body functions separately. With a dog wheelchair, the injured hindquarters find support as also its four limbs, and any type of dog may be accommodated. The advantage of using a dog wheelchair is that if the dog is big in size, it helps transport the dog instead of needing to carry him, and it also helps return the independence to the dog which is something very important for these otherwise active animals.

Dog wheelchairs may be the last resort when rehabilitation and therapy fail. However, dogs can often become totally dependent on their wheelchairs, and so care should be taken to try and help them to regain use of their limbs to wean it away from total dependency on the dog wheelchair.