The Advantage of All Terrain Power Wheelchairs

The inability to walk due to a medical condition or old age can make one a prisoner in his or her own home not to mention how it can affect one's morale and general state of mind. Wheelchairs have been a blessing in disguise and the key to the freedom for those who for any reason cannot use their legs to get around. There are many types of wheelchairs in order to suit the special needs and requirements each individual has and some are better then the other by offering special features such as the all terrain power wheelchair.

Enjoy the Outdoors as Much as You Want

If you have been active all your life and suddenly have fallen prey to an illness that has reduced your ability to get around as you once did, the all terrain power wheelchair will help you get back your freedom by allowing you to pursue activities indoors and outdoors. The all terrain power wheelchair has special wheels that can be used with ease on gravel, pebbles, rough terrain, steep slope, ditches and even rough patches.

The all terrain power wheelchair is especially recommended for those who have a house with a courtyard and need to get around rough terrain but also for those who are active and simply enjoy going outdoors as often as possible.

Some Helpful Features of the All Terrain Power Wheelchair

All terrain power wheelchairs are fully motorized and can be operated without any effort on the part of the user. Power wheelchairs are electric and can be plugged over night for an entire day normal usage; they can be maneuvered conveniently from a remote control or a control located at hand reach.

The only disadvantage of an all terrain power wheelchair is that it is expensive but if you need it due to a medical condition your insurance may be able to finance part or even the entire amount depending on your type of policy and physical condition. Many power wheelchairs companies will help you find financing as well because usually the people needing the wheelchairs are not in great financial shape due to loss of income or hig medical bills.

Helpful Tip

All terrain power wheelchairs are heavy and cannot be moved easily; many people have special lifts built for them in houses that have more than one floor. Alternatively, they could have a ramp made which is probably less expensive. Contact an all terrain power wheelchair dealer today and see how you too can get back to nature and be your self again.