Outdoor Wedding Themes And Ideas

An outdoor wedding can be a great way to have your wedding. There is a certain natural beauty to a wedding held outdoors that can rival an indoor wedding. There are many different themes for an outdoor wedding that can correspond with the preferences of the couple. These themes are varied interestingly modern in some aspects but can also be traditional depending on the way it is presented. Outdoor wedding decorations usually match or complement the natural beauty of the outdoor setting.

Water Themes

A beach wedding is a popular choice for couples who like to enjoy the setting sun as a background for their union and reception. This outdoor wedding theme is becoming more and more common as more and more couples realize that they do not need the formality of a church and reception hall to unite with their loved one. Other variations of this water oriented outdoor wedding are a wedding by a beautifully designed swimming pool or a waterfall. Decorations for these kinds of wedding usually consist of big beautiful blooms of bright colors and hues. Of course, the outdoor wedding decorations are all totally up to the preference of the couple.

Seasonal Themes

The four different seasons can be a great influence on a couple's wedding theme. Summer is usually connected to anything with water or the beach so one can refer to the above paragraph for this season. Spring is basically connected to flowers and rich carpets of green, green grass. Outdoor weddings with a spring season theme can decorate with loads of flowers in bright yellows, rich reds and energetic oranges. Fall or autumn can also be a glorious season because of the rich earth tones that come with it. A wedding in the outdoors during fall or autumn may be possible but the designs of the wedding dresses and clothes need to be able to cope with the chill. Winter is another season that one might like to have a wedding but for colder climates, it may not be feasible to have an outdoor wedding during this season.

Location Themes

These kinds of outdoor or indoor weddings usually happen in a unique place such as a planetarium, a garden, a castle, a butterfly aviary, an orchard and many more. Outdoor weddings with a location theme can be very special for the couple as the area may be where they had their first date, kiss or where they met.

An outdoor wedding can be the dream wedding that some couples have. In this day and age, outdoor weddings are becoming as commonplace as traditional weddings.