Tips For A Hassle Free Outdoor Wedding Reception In A Garden

An outdoor wedding reception can basically help save you some expense. The cost of renting an entire ballroom of function room can be really expensive compared to renting an open field or area with veritably flat grounds. Other options for an outdoor wedding location are botanical gardens and butterfly parks. There are drawbacks to planning an outdoor wedding reception and these drawbacks are what we should tackle.

The Weather

One of the most unpredictable aspects of an outdoor wedding reception is the weather. Even consulting the local weather bureau cannot guarantee perfect weather all the time. The local weather bureau can provide a guide for what to expect on your outdoor wedding reception. Heavy rains can be expected if there is evidence of rain clouds in the horizon so you might want to rent a marquee or a tent to provide shelter for you and your guests when the need arises.

Other options to an outdoor wedding reception is to have it earlier in the day; a brunch reception or lunch compared to dinner when it is more likely to rain when the day is colder. If you cannot have the earlier wedding reception, provide a tent for shelter especially when the local weather channel forecasts rains.

Other threats to marring your outdoor wedding reception are sudden gusts of wind and too much bright sunlight. Gusts of wind can sweep away table napkins, table cloth and even clothes. It may be best to keep an eye on the table napkins when there are gusts of wind during the outdoor wedding reception. The table cloth can be pinned down to the table legs to avoid it flapping around too much and to have the plates weigh it down on top. The problem of flapping clothes can be amended by using materials which are heavy enough not to be easily lifted by the wind when it acts up.

Other things that may need your attention when the wind acts up are place cards, disposable plastic or paper cups, centerpieces and chair covers. The wind can not only blow away some of your outdoor wedding reception items but it can also blow in unwanted things such as natural smells of nearby farms and trash cans (if there are any), as well as dust.

Local Animals And Bugs

An outdoor wedding reception can attract not only people but also animals and insects drawn by the smell of food. Bug spray can help alleviate some of the insect problems while vigilant helpers can aid in keeping away local animals that may wonder around the outdoor wedding reception area. It may be best to warn guests not to wear excessive flower based perfumes and scent because some bees can be drawn to the scent of these and may plague the guests.