Suggestions For A Cheap Wedding Gift

A wedding is one of the major occasions in life which usually require the guest to bring a wedding gift. Any wedding gift will usually do, even a cheap wedding gift. Being cheap does not necessarily mean that the wedding gift is tacky, it just means that it is basically does not cost much compared to the other major wedding gifts that friends and relatives may give. There are a lot of choices for a cheap wedding gift which will not offend the couple receiving it. You just need to be enterprising regarding what to give and how you present it.

Handmade Items

Handmade items are probably the best choice for a cheap wedding gift. These gifts not only express your regard for the recipient but they also show that you have spent a lot of time making them and that you believe this is time well spent. Examples of handmade items which can be cheap wedding gifts are soaps, rugs, plastic flower arrangements and even a scrapbook of the couple's life.

Other handmade items which will suffice as a cheap wedding gift are portraits, handmade vases and pottery, candles and many others. The candles and even the soaps can be presented in a basket with other items which go along with them. For candles, matches or lighters can be added as well as a candle burner along with aromatherapy oils for burning. Incense can also be added to your gift basket for the convenience of the recipient.

Practical Items

Practical items can also be great choices for a cheap wedding gift. Examples of cheap but practical items are towels, rugs and bed sheets. These can be bought at low prices but can serve the recipients well. Weddings do not necessarily mean giving extravagant or luxurious items. Many couples appreciate day to day practical items as cheap wedding gifts. Pots of plants can be an example of a cheap wedding gift for couples who appreciate horticulture as well as gardening.

Other examples of practical items for cheap wedding gifts are shower curtain hooks, daily table ware, curtains and blinds and many others. You can also start your friends' wine collection by giving them a decent bottle of wine. Other collections that you might try to start for the couple are art collections such as paintings, books and other art objects from relatively unknown artists who may make it big in the industry some day.