Options For A Cheap Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is one major aspect of a wedding that many people always remember. This is part of a tradition that goes back along way where brides are given cakes to eat while they journey to the far away places of their husbands. These days, wedding cakes have become more and more beautiful but also more expensive. In spite of this, there are a lot of ways to have a cheap wedding cake for your wedding without compromising style and taste. The cheap wedding cake can be an alternative to a cheap wedding gift from family members which makes it a free cake instead of a cheap one.

Design Options

Most wedding cakes are actually made of a hard icing that holds the details of the wedding cake design very well. A cheap wedding cake can be done by substituting the detail oriented icing for the cheaper but also tastier icing. To avoid the lack of attention to detail that softer and tastier icings have, you might opt for a simply designed cheap wedding cake which does not need the hard icing. This way of cutting cost can actually make your cake more edible.

For those who wish to have more versatility in design, you can still opt for the harder icing but keep to simpler designs that use already cut out gum paste or fondant to decorate the cheap wedding cake. Some couples also like to make use of past designs so as not to tax the mind of the baker and at least get a discount for choosing a simpler or more familiar design.

Another advantage of using light and tastier icing is that the base of your cheap wedding cake can now be made of cheaper cake instead of the more expensive fruit cake or butter rum cake. A very good baker can actually pull off making ordinary boiled icing look like fondant.

Go Local

You might also like to ask your local baker if he or she can make your wedding cake. Most bakeries that dabble with breads can actually make cheap wedding cakes with simple designs that can pass of as elegantly simple. The decorations for your cake can also use just local flower or whatever so as not to be charged with the additional cost of expensive imported flowers. Other decorations that can be easily placed in the cheap wedding cake are fresh local fruits that are in season.