Love Flying on Wings with the Butterfly Wedding Theme

In achieving the perfect wedding occasion, it is important to determine and apply a suitable wedding theme that is within the characteristics and interest of the involved couple. In the aspect of wedding theme, there are different choices of interest and motif to choose from based from the couple's interest, preferences, and budget. Determining a suitable and preferred wedding theme can significantly make their event experience a wonderful occasion to celebrate and cherish for eternity.

In the interest of wedding theme, couple can choose different event theme such as fall wedding theme and summer motif for nature enthusiasts. For emotional people though, one of the most common and usually preferred motif is the butterfly wedding theme wherein the occasion with be laid with the idea of wings to symbolizing the love and affection within the couple. The butterfly wedding theme is commonly desired because of certain qualities and characteristics such as the elegance it brings to occasion, affordability, practicality, and its symbolical nature enhancing the emotions and ambiance in the wedding event.

Creating a Butterfly Wedding Theme

The butterfly wedding theme is common motif desired by most couple for their wedding occasion. The idea of putting their memorable event in the light nature characteristic of the butterfly makes the wedding event a wonderful and memorable experience. Implementing the butterfly wedding theme is actually easy and affordable making this motif one of the most preferred in the present. In creating this ambiance and theme, several fields and aspect f the wedding will be transformed and laid with the butterfly characteristics namely in the attire, ceremony decorations, food, and event favors.

In the attire, the butterfly wedding theme can be made evident through putting the said motif in the dress accessory of the people involved such as the couple particularly the bride, guests, and wedding participants. The butterfly wedding theme can put in dress brooch, pendant necklace, hair clips, earring, charm bracelet, and others. Butterfly-themed dresses can also be considered in the entourage parade to add the desired ambiance for the occasion.

The ceremony decorations can also reflect the butterfly wedding theme wherein the several items can bear butterfly design such as candelabra arrangements, bridal bouquets, altar swags, pew decorations, and others. The food motif should also contain a butterfly nature inserted in wedding cake design and other delicacies. Likewise, the event favors should also include butterfly wedding them manifested through the butterfly release act of the couple to symbolize their wedding occasion.

Through creating a butterfly wedding theme in the wedding occasion, the couple can pledge their love and affection in the nature of the butterfly which are free, light, and highly-spirited symbolizing their love and the future ahead of their partnership.