Accepting a Blue Wedding Bouquet Proposal

Wedding bouquets are usually presented in white as a sign of purity and solemnity. However, with the development of the different wedding themes in the wedding scene today, the variety of colors used to create wedding bouquets today have been widely accepted by many wedding couples. Understandably though, not all could actually accept the fact that cool colors like blue and purple are now used for wedding bouquets.

Blue wedding bouquets are known to be of cool colors that most people believed to be for the dead. However, with further studies conducted, it could be noted that blue wedding bouquets are more regal for presentation. Most of the wedding themes that use blue wedding bouquets are that of the night wedding schedules and winter wedding themes.

The Art of Blue Wedding Bouquet Arrangement

A BUNCH of flowers, though beautiful, is still only a bunch of flowers. But with a little imagination and by following certain principles of design, you can transform the random collection into an elegant and artistic flower arrangement. What does design mean in this particular phase of discussion? It is the pattern of the: flower arrangement, and it embraces the basic elements of line, form, color and texture. Slender flowers or branches supply line. The variety of the plant world itself furnishes form and color. Surface quality of the material is called texture.

Your design may be circular or triangular, or it may follow a vertical or a horizontal line or an S-curve. A pyramid, cone, oblong, or ellipse design also may be used. Once the main arrangement outline has been chosen, design calls for a planned relationship among all the components, that is, among the flowers, leaves and any other material. Interesting effects are achieved if the spaces in the composition vary in size and shape. When some of the plant materials in a grouping extend forward and others backward, the impression is three-dimensional.

Yes, in the same manner, blue wedding bouquets also follow the same process of designing. It is through this that the blue wedding bouquets try to recreate the views of the major enthusiasts of flower arrangers in creating contemporary wedding bouquet designs. Yes, although the designs of blue wedding bouquets may have not been fully accepted by the society yet, it is expected that through the years of development, the improving patterns of using blue wedding bouquets in wedding ceremonies would soon become a hit. See for your self and appreciate a blue wedding bouquet proposal.