Understanding What the Black and White Wedding Theme is all about

Black and white wedding theme is not among the regular colors of wedding motifs. However, at the turn of time, the variety of wedding motifs has attacked the modern society. NEWS reports from various lands tell of weddings taking many forms. For instance, two German acrobats were wed while on a trapeze high above a town square. Then there was a pair of skydivers who parachuted to earth, followed by a priest who married them on the spot where they landed.

Though these may be rare, publicity-motivated examples, more and more couples desiring to marry have decided to express their individuality in other ways. Such "individualists" have observed that many conventional weddings are extremely formal and costly affairs, where the emphasis is placed on etiquette, seemingly endless details and custom-bound ritual just to impress friends and relatives.

Yes, the modern society now welcomes a new set of rules, a new set of norms and regularities that describe the accepted wedding themes for the entire wedding ceremony session towards the wedding reception theme. For this reason, black and white wedding theme has been later recognized as a more formal and a more serious sense of wedding. Aside from that, it has been considered simple and more practical for a wedding presentation.

Practicality of the Black and White Wedding Theme

A reasonable budget is essential. It is not reasonable or loving to expect a couple or their parents to go into debt to pay for a wedding that is beyond their means. Many who can afford a more elaborate wedding still choose to keep it modest. In any event, some couples have found it helpful to have a checklist for estimated and actual expenses. It can also be useful to have a list of deadlines for all the things that need to be organized. Entrusting deadlines to memory is very likely to be stressful.

How much will the wedding cost? Prices differ from place to place, but wherever you live, it would be wise to ask yourselves: 'Can we afford all the things we have planned? Are they really necessary?'

These questions had been observed by the current wedding planners to be answered by the application of the black and white wedding theme. Since the colors are controlled, the primary element that could contribute to a fine wedding is also limited making everything under budget limitations. So be wise, make the black and white wedding theme one of your top choices for your own wedding.