What Is A Wedding Favor Gift?

I do not know how the tradition of wedding favor gift started, but I can say that I find the custom very endearing. In fact, most people find it very attractive, since it is a way in which the hosts express their thanks to the guests for attending the wedding and also provides a little memento by which the wedding and the newly wedded couple will be remembered long after the wedding ceremony is over.

How To Select The Right Wedding Favor Gift

The rule of the thumb, while searching for the appropriate wedding favor gift, is that it should be meaningful, it should be within your budget and it should be commemorative.

1. Meaningful - When choosing the wedding favor gift, do not go for gifts that have no use or meaning for the recipient. Though it is difficult to think of something that everybody likes more or less the same, with a little effort you will manage to find at last such an item (which could be appreciated by most guests). It is important that your guests, when they receive your wedding favor gift, should feel appreciated and loved. After all you are thanking them for coming to your wedding.

2. Within the budget - you will need to set a figure for the wedding gift - it could be anything from $2 to $20 to $200 (or more if you can afford it) per gift. Whatever is your budget; you should decide on it before you go to the shopping mall for ideas, lest you will be carried away and choose something that will be unaffordable in the end. Look for gifts within the range of budget indicated and do not, under any circumstances, step out of the line on this matter.

3. Commemorative - once you selected the gift, you find out ways in which you can mark the gift to commemorate the wedding day. If it is glass or metal it could inscribed, if it is an eatable, then their wrapper can be customized, if the gift is anything decorative or project to be made by hand, ensure that you have the right materials to inscribe or insert the details of the wedding day somewhere, and so on.

Whatever you do, ensure that the wedding favor gift you select is appropriate both for the guest as well as the theme of the wedding. Both these factors are crucial while selecting the gift.