Wedding Favor Crafts Dress Up Guest's Tables

It really is not all that difficult to make wedding favor crafts as long as you have a little time to spend on them. A little imagination and a quick trip to the store for just a few supplies and you are ready to create some beautiful decorations.

Start with a plastic long stem wine glass and place a small drop of glue in the bottom. Cut a circle from tulle material or netting, about four or five inches bigger than the top of the wine glass. You can place Jordan almonds, pillow mints or other treat in the netting but only to the top of the glass. You can finish these wedding favor crafts by yourself with the help of a clothespin, or with a friend's fingers.

Lift the netting edges upwards and towards the center of the wine glass top. Bunch it together and give it a slight twist. It can be held together with your clothespin or someone else's fingers while you tie a small ribbon, about three-eights-of-an-inch wide, and tie a bow. The ribbon can be personalized or plain to match the color of the wedding theme. Once the ribbon is tied, remove the clothespin or fingers and you have a beautiful wedding favor craft that did not cost a fortune and was easy to make.

Artificial Flowers Add Brightness To Reception

One more idea for wedding favor crafts also uses a wine glass, these ones with a short stem and larger opening with a ball of Styrofoam in the middle of the glass. You can use a wine goblet or even a brandy glass if the wine glasses are too narrow. You will need some artificial flowers, preferably the same type the bride will be carrying and some tulle material or silk and ribbon fitting into the wedding theme.

First wrap the ribbon around the glass in a spiral motion and hot glue the ends together. With the Styrofoam in the glass, cut the floral stems to about two-inches, or just long enough so the head of the flowers sticks above the top of the glass. To put the finishing touch on these wedding favor crafts fill the space between the flowers with the tulle material or silk. Another ribbon or small bow can be attached to the side of the glass, creating wedding favor crafts that will sit proudly on the tables.