Wedding Favor Charm For A Special Touch

Wedding favor charms give a subtle aesthetic touch to the favor presentation. They bring a special delicacy and attraction to the wedding occasion when arranged artistically on the reception tables. The guests feel warmth in welcome and your own reception place looks more elegant with nice wedding favor charms. With increasing demand, different types of charms have become available for wedding occasions.

Types Of Wedding Favor Charms

Dozens of different types of charms are available these days for wedding occasions. You can choose your favorite style and design that best suits your wedding. Some of these have a wide appeal and will adorn any wedding scene, for example: Love Charms, Doves, Hearts, Wedding Bells, Angels, Cinderella's Glass Slippers etc. A characteristic feature of wedding favor charms is their miniature appearance. So if you can get delicate items like butterflies, seashells, starfish etc., they'll serve as your wedding favor charms.

Themed Charms

If you have a special theme in mind for your wedding occasion, you'll have to search for specialized items that fully reflect your sentiments or the motif you and your mate have in your minds.

Personalizing Charms

If you feel you have difficulty finding the perfect item to serve as the wedding favor charm, just pick the piece you like the best compared to others that are available. Then take a little time to personalize it with your initials, a phrase reflecting your feelings, the wedding date, or an image if you can carve it.

Wedding Charm Materials

Different materials are used in making wedding favor charms like silver (the most common so far), gold-toned metal or alloy, pewter, porcelain, plastic, and foil.

Using Wedding Charms

It is fairly simple to use wedding favor charms. For a smaller gathering, only a couple of people can handle setting the charms. For a large wedding party, you may like to include friends from bridal side and some of your own to wrap and attach the charms. Following are some of the ways of using wedding charms.

Attaching Charms By Ribbons

Attach the charms by means of a finely colored ribbon around the favor box (or bag). You can use a couple of charms to several pieces, depending on the size of the box/bag and your personal choice of presenting.


You can glue the charm by means of an adhesive on top of the favor package. Take care to use a light adhesive so that the charm can later be separated easily from the package and used.

Placing Around Scrolls

Charms having a large opening can be placed directly around scroll wedding favors.

Cake Charms

A unique way of using wedding charms is placing the attractive charms on or around the wedding cake. They leave a lasting impression on guests and the happy couple.