Tea Wedding Favor Ideas

Tea is best known for its refreshing quality and that is one reason it is regarded as the most popular drink after water. In many countries of the world, especially in Asia, tea is the most sought after item on any occasion. On weddings, tea is always a welcome offer. It is worthwhile to look at some tea wedding favor ideas that make the wedding a more enjoyable time.

Mini Tea Sets

Now a day, mini tea sets made of fine white porcelain are available for serving tea with style on special occasions like weddings. These can beautify the tables for guests, each table having at least one mini tea set. To give them a special touch of tea wedding favor, you can fill the cup with candy, nuts, beans etc. Also place a small welcome card in the saucer.

Tea Trays

Trays can serve as favorite tea wedding favor. Wooden or silver tea trays are available at many sale points. Usually they come within a few dollars and befit the wedding occasion. For elegance, you can home decorate these trays with accessories like glitter pens, stickers and lace etc.

Tea Gift Baskets

If you are having a small to moderate number of guests and can afford to prepare individual tea wedding favor baskets, the guests will feel honored. Alternatively, you can reserve a few baskets for the closest friends/relatives. Put flowers and a small item like a mug or a china teacup in each basket. Add a small pack of specialty tea like tea infused with lavender. Add a few items like candies, nuts etc. and tie a colorful ribbon around the basket.

Tea Tins

A special way to express your care for the taste of the family and guests, you can present tea tins after personalizing them for the wedding. Gift dealers offer the job of personalizing but you can also do it yourself by taking some time out. You can beautify the tins with the couple's first names, initials, the wedding date, quotes, or poetry etc.

Tea Bags

Tea bags are easy to personalize as tea wedding favor items. The impression of personalizing tea bags with the names or initials of the couple is that of depth and care. Ask about the couple's favorite themes and surprise them by gifting wonderful wedding tea bags.

Tea For Cake

If your budget allows, throw the happy couple in a happy shock by offering a matching cake themed in accordance with the party's mood. Use colorful ribbons and text to convey your warmth of feelings about the occasion.