The Beauty Of Silver Plated Wedding Favor

Nothing surpasses the elegant look of silver plated wedding favors, which remain the most harmonious in look with all wedding colors. A big plus for these wedding favors is their great versatility that makes them ideal item for almost any wedding occasion. Let us take a look at some of the most popular silver plated wedding favors.

Picture Frames

Owing to their long tradition, picture frames top the list of popular silver plated wedding favors. The ideal silver picture frames for wedding are small or mini frames coming in a variety of designs like hearts, matte silver frames, swirled ivy, Cinderella stagecoaches, decorated Victorian frames and others. Nicely adorned silver frames for weddings include those with butterflies, pearls, roses, rings, and doves.

Candle Holders

Another category of widely used silver plated wedding favors includes silver taper candleholders, mini candleholders made of silver, and tealite holders. A candle coaster is also a type of silver favor for wedding. For more personalized favors you can decorate or engrave in the available designs of favors.

Silverware for Party

The most impressive use of silver items has been made in silverware for the wedding party. Knives, forks, bottle openers, spoons, salt sellers, sugar pots, cups, and pastry tongues etc. come in handsome sets for use on the dining table.

Silver Reception

At the reception table(s), you can complete the look of a silver based wedding presentation by using paperweights, pens, bookmarks, notepad holders, and letter openers all made of a single variety of silver. One thing you can do with silverware is to give separate favors to the bride and groom. You may choose a silver money clip for one gender and a silver-plated mirror for the mate, perfect if both are matching in look.

Engraving In Silver Plated Wedding Favor

Many of the available silver wedding favors can be engraved for a personal touch or uniqueness. Names, wedding dates, special messages, or quotes pertaining to the occasion can all be engraved for a small fee.

Other Silver Wedding Favors

A number of other silver wedding favors can be thought of: a flower vase, wedding bells, fortune cookies, a keepsake box, mini wine goblets, ornaments, and so on.

Cost Of Silver Favors

The cost of silver plated wedding favors varies from item to item and place to place. In most cases, you will find a nice silver wedding favor for less than two dollars to a little over 20 dollars. If you remember to take time in advance for searching the right item, chances are that your silver wedding favor will come much cheaper than you had imagined.