It Is Great Fun To Make Your Own Wedding Favor

Your wedding day is a very special day for you; a day that you will want to remember in the greatest detail for a long, long time. The celebrations that come with the wedding are usually to commemorate the day and celebrate the joy with family and close friends. It is customary on that occasion to offer your guests a little token of appreciation in thanks for taking the trouble to attend the wedding.

When You Want Unique Gifts, Make Your Own Wedding Favors

The market is full of wedding favors; however, all of them look very commercialized and lifeless. A gift should be able to tell you THANK YOU. The best gift would be something that is unique and symbolic of the couple who is wedding. The gift, in order to be useful should have some meaning both to the giver and the recipient.

There are many ideas that can inspire you to make your own wedding favor, such as:

1. Burn a CD with your preferred songs (play these songs in the same order as on the CD) again and again at the wedding, so when your guests would go home and hear the CD, they will think of you and the wedding day.

2. You could make a candle in a special shape to say something about the wedding or the newly weds. The candle could have your signature on different bits and pieces or things that symbolize you so when people look at the candle they would remember you.

3. You can make your own wedding favor by baking some great cookies, or pies, or pastries, etc. Once the cookies are made, they can be wrapped individual or in a big packet - you may like to customize the packet with the details of the wedding.

4. When you decide to make your own wedding favor, you decide to make a gift that is unique because it utilizes your talent and your feelings, both. All guests would appreciate the pains you have taken in creating the unique gifts. When you make your own wedding favors you also show that you care too much to give them something that has been mass-produced and has no personality whatsoever.

All in all there is a lot of joy to make your own wedding favor and the rewards are unimaginable. All guests, will highly appreciate this gesture and remember you and your wedding with great pleasure long after the ceremony and party is over.