Feel More At Home With Indian Wedding Favor

Those from India attending an Indian themed wedding will fell more at home when you place an Indian wedding favor in front of their chair at the reception. From bangles to bags, you can find everything you like to fit into the wedding budget.

Silk brocade coin bags in vibrant colors make excellent Indian wedding favors and their three-inch by four-inch size is big enough to hold small trinkets or lipstick and yet small enough to fit inside just about any purse. They are zippered at the top and decorated with meticulous bead work and are made of silk.

To provide tokens of appreciation for family and friends for attending your wedding reception, small decorated gift baskets may be ideal, About three-inches in diameter and just over four-inches high with the handle, and with it wrapped in ribbon to match the wedding theme, it will stand out as an Indian wedding favor on the table. Filled with candy or other items as an extra thank you will folks remember your special day.

A frill batwa, or pouch bag, is another great idea for an Indian wedding favor that is always welcome. Made of metallic organza material they the color seems to shine as the lighting changes and are very helpful for ladies to carry small items in. Typically, they are trimmed in gold and held closed with a gold braid draw string.

Put Some Spice In Your Guests' Lives

Since the earliest recordings of time, spices have been sought out for their aroma, their flavor or their use as an aphrodisiac. Why not fill a small decorative tin or colorful bag with your favorite spice and let the guests share what you like so well. Maybe offer spices for all three purposes and let them decide which one they would prefer.

You can always opt for the sticky Indian wedding favor in the form of honey. Small jars with sayings such as love is buzzing, or meant to bee can add some humor to this occasion. You can also tell them thanks a mint with a personalized mint box, showing the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. The mints can help the guests as the night goes on.

A small satin pillow, six-inches by seven-inches, wrapped in matching satin ribbon and topped by two interwoven hearts, can be an Indian wedding favor that offers your guests your best wishes for their future love.