Engraved Wedding Favor Ideas

The ancient art of engraving text and images still has a great attraction for many people, especially those who admire the representation of life's symbols in items of daily use. No wonder that this art of carving words, sentences, and images has found popularity in wedding hustle. From simple initials and date to personalized messages, engraved wedding favor presentations are becoming an art of a unique kind. Following are some of the most loveable engraved wedding favor ideas.

Engrave Names And Dates

Names of the bride and groom, and the memorable date of wedding remain the most popular engraved wedding favor preferences. Whether you use initials, when the space for engraving is limited, or complete first names, engraved names and dates become a treasure of the family heritage.

Engrave Words With Universal Meanings

Several single words give deep meanings to wedding relationships and are ideal for being engraved. These words include Forever, Together, Devoted and so on.


Nicknames are increasingly becoming popular for engraved wedding favor rings. Nicks of the bride or groom show the closeness and informality of relationship between the partners.

Phrases From Songs

Phrases from romantic or love songs convey warmth of passion. But their use needs a little attention. First, you need to choose those songs that both you and your mate are fond of and not the ones of solely your choice. Secondly, look for phrases that are short enough to be engraved in a small wedding item (rings for example). 'You Take My Heart' is ok to go but you cannot expect to engrave 'Ever since we met, I fell in love with you' in a small wedding ring, unless you want the ring's beauty to be spoiled.

Foreign Language Phrases

You can engrave foreign language phrases of love with more liberty since many people won't understand them. Engrave 'With Love' in French or 'Love Conquers All' in Latin.


A long popular engraved wedding favor style is carving a short line of verse that represents the joy of love or marriage. The mood of poetic engraving can vary, ranging from sentimental to comical. But avoid cheap or clich├ęd lines.

Religious Phrase

If you and your spouse are bent on spirituality, engraving a religious phrase, or even prayer, is a welcome idea.

Engrave Symbols

Engraving a symbol like one for heart, peace, eternity etc. gives a special look to the engraved item. Symbol engraving looks more artistic and represents deeper understanding between the mates; understanding beyond words.